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Atwood Magazine

A series of articles, including exclusive new music premieres, that I've written for the online indie music journal.

Premiere: High-Energy Swells on Street Joy's Lax "Do A Thing"

We’ve all been there: stressed, burnt out, exhausted, done with everything. There comes a point in time where you just want to throw up your hands and scream “I don’t want to do anything!” You want to abscond from the world, curl up, and hide away. And that’s alright. It seems that Street Joy know this feeling a little better than most; on their brand new single “Do a Thing” the band somehow manages to convey a desire for the sedentary lifestyle through a buoyant, active, and melodious tune that plays multiple roles genre-wise.

Review: Paramore Retain Emo Mastery on "Idle Worship"

They’ve come a long way from the scene hair and pop-punk sensibility of All We Know Is Falling. They might have abandoned the abrasive guitar-shredding and intrusive interrogatives of RIOT! for the bouncier, more vibrant sound of pop synths but, underneath, Paramore remain just as angsty as they were when lead singer Hayley Williams screamed how she would sing out when “they burn our houses down”. Neither pessimism nor optimism at this point have much bearing in Paramore’s bracket.

Professional Writing

Collection of all professional (academic) pieces. Will include more as my Graduate program gets under way.

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All of my creative stuff.

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